Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dubstep History

Dubstep was originally emerged in London during the early 2000's. Despite its formation at the turn of the century, dubstep did not really become popular or well known until 2006.

Dubstep is characterized by its heavy emphasis on bass frequencies, minimalist rhythms and dark notes. Listening to dubstep as its meant to be heard, surrounded by towering subs that vibrate through the club, can give the impression of being underwater thanks to the permanently suppressed bass.

Like techno, dubstep is mostly instrumental and uses simplistic samples as a basis for a track but, although it has been known as ‘Croydon Techno’ thanks to its origins in the parties and DJs of the Croydon scene, but it bears little similarity to this better known element of dance music. It is darker, using minor keys and jarring chords in conjunction with dissonant rhythms that are often syncopated and shuffled, using triplets to establish skip-and-repeat progressions. Dubstep also uses the bass drop recognisable in drum and bass yet retains a curiously minimal sound.

Fuelled by the community spirit that kept it at the centre of internet forum discussions and bought it into the high profile club scene, dubstep has become an exciting answer for those searching for something new and original in dance music.

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  1. Interesting, good to know the origins of dubstep