Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 years ago from today was Kobe's historic 81 point game.

It has been exactly 5 years since Kobe's 81 point game against the Toronto Raptors ending with Lakers winning 122-104. It is without a doubt the best individual scoring performance us NBA fans have ever seen. Sure Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for most points in a game with 100, but let's be real here, 40 years ago, many NBA players would not focus on defence; their main focus was offence, hence the end score 169-147.

Kobe was 28-46 in field goals which is almost 61%, 18-20 from the FT line and 7-13 from the 3pt line !! From Phil Jackson himself, "I've seen some remarkable games but I've never seen anything like that before." Keep in mind that Phil has played against Wilt and coached the GOAT MJ.

Please watch Kobe's remarkable performace, it is all of his 81 points in a 3 minute video.

Kevin Durant hits the winning buzzer beater 3pt shot against the Knicks

I love how he's so casual about it. Walking off and smiling, haha.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to improve your Free Throw shot percentage

Free throws are one of the fundamental skills a basketball player needs to possess. This skill is not dependent on talent, it is developed through hard work, practice and consistency. I will provide tips on how to improve your free throws.

Tip #1

You must dedicate 30 minutes everyday shooting free throws. It doesn't matter if you miss the majority of your shots, the more you practice, the better you will get. Every basketball player has a free throw routine or ritual. For example, Gilbert Arenas will move the basketball 3 times behind his back before taking the free throw. He will do this for EVERY free throw shot. You must make yourself a free throw routine and stick with it.

Tip #2

Work on your free throw form. When I started playing basketball, my coach would tell the team to think of the acronym "BEEF" when shooting the free throw. The B is balance; make sure before you shoot the ball, your legs, body and head are balanced. This is very important if you want the ball to follow through and not curve to the side. The first E is eyes. Most new basketball players would look at the ball while shooting the ball. THIS IS WRONG. The point of basketball is to shoot the ball into the hoop. Your eyes must be focused on the rim; not the ball. The second E is elbow. Now if you're right handed and your getting ready to shoot the free throw; make sure your elbow is at a position where it does not cover one of your eyes. When you shoot a free throw, you want both your eyes focused on the rim, positioning your elbow so that it blocks one of your eyes can distort the whole shot and result in a miss. You don't want that. The F is follow through. Following through is very important and I can't stress this enough. When you follow through, what happens is when the ball leaves your hand, it moves into the direction of your index finger. This is crucial because if you don't follow through, the ball can move to the right or left and you don't want that.

Tip #3

Once you have the first two tips done, now it's time to put this to practice. Go to your local basketball court and stand behind the free throw line. You have your routine, you understand "BEEF", now shoot the ball the same way every time. Do the same amount of bounces, hold the ball the same, stand in the same spot. Do this everytime without changing it up and I guarantee your free throw game will increase dramatically.

Friday, January 21, 2011


The Mavericks are on the verge of adding All-Star swingman help after losing Caron Butler to a season-ending knee injury. Peja Stojakovic, bought out by Toronto on Thursday, has given Dallas a verbal agreement to sign once he clears waivers Monday, a league source confirmed to

This is a great trade for the Mavericks. Peja Stojakovic, a 13-year vet, is one of the league’s all-time best 3-point shooters at 40.1 percent. Peja is currently 5th in all time 3 point shots made.